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To update user profile from third-party applications you need to make HTTP POST request to Personyze like this:

curl --data '[["user_id", 1, "User profile", "First Name", "John"]]' ''
  • HTTP authorization username must be “api”.
  • HTTP authorization password (“0011223344556677889900112233445566778899” in example) is your secret API key. You can obtain API key for your account here.
  • Send JSON array as POST body. You can include “Content-Type: application/json” header for clarity, but Personyze doesn't require it.
  • The JSON array includes commands, that are also arrays. Each command looks like this:
  • KEY_NAME can be “user_id” (Personyze User Id), “internal_id” (User Id in your database, that is also stored in Personyze) or “email”.
  • You can pass several commands to update several users at once, like
    [["user_id", 1, "User profile", "First Name", "John"], ["user_id", 2, "User profile", "First Name", "Mary"]]
  • If specified user doesn't exist, it will be created.