REST request path parameters


Path parameters can be added to the request to select records by condition and sort the result.

Select by record Id

If the first parameter is number, like in, this number will be used as record Id. So this request asks for placeholder Id 14.{OBJECT}/{NUMBER}

"Where": Select by other column

It's possible to select by name or by any other available columns. The syntax will be{OBJECT}/where/{COLUMN}={VALUE}

One example:

curl ''

We put "=" sign between {COLUMN} and {VALUE}, but there are other operations available:

  • = - equals
  • != - doesn't equal
  • > - greater than
  • < - less than
  • >= - greater or equal
  • <= - less or equal
  • : - in comma-list of values
  • !: - not in comma-list of values

For several conditions that all must be met, use & ("and" operator).{OBJECT}/where/{COLUMN1}={VALUE1}&{COLUMN2}={VALUE2}&...

For several conditions that at least one of them must be met, use | ("or" operator).{OBJECT}/where/{COLUMN1}={VALUE1}|{COLUMN2}={VALUE2}|...

And you can combine both. "And" operator has higher precedence than "or", like multiplication over addition in algebra. Parentheses are not supported.

"Order_by": Sort the result{OBJECT}/order_by/{COLUMN},{COLUMN},...

The resulting records will be sorted in ascending order by one or several columns.{OBJECT}/order_by_desc/{COLUMN},{COLUMN},...

In descending order.

"Limit": How many records to get{OBJECT}/limit/{LIMIT}

After sorting you may want to get top several records.{OBJECT}/limit/{OFFSET},{LIMIT}

Skip {OFFSET} records, then get {LIMIT} records. So it's possible to implement pagination.

"Columns": Get only specific columns for each record{OBJECT}/columns/{COLUMN1},{COLUMN2},...

Without "columns", API returns all available columns for given object.

"Column": Get only one specific column{OBJECT}/column/{COLUMN}

This changes format of resulting JSON value. The result will be 1-dimensional array of values of the given column. Normally (without "column") it's array of JSON objects.

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