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REST Users object

For information about how REST API works, see rest main page.

Personyze can grab various data from a web page, including contents of Javascript variables.

You can see and manage data tracking here.

REST “containers_grab_variable” object allows you to see, create, update and delete items programmatically.

The URL is:

This object has the following columns:

  1. id
  2. name
  3. is_active - If 0, this container will not be used
  4. variable_path - Path to the Javascript variable, like dataLayer[0].isVIP
  5. mask - Optional regular expression that will be applied to the grabbed value, and it's first matching group will be selected
  6. constant_value - If specified, will use this value for the container, if the grabbed value is not empty, and not the grabbed value
  7. watch_variable - If 1, the Javascript variable on the page will be monitored for changes
  8. profile_column - If specified, will store the grabbed value to this field in the user profile

Insert example

curl --data '{"name": "Is VIP user", "variable_path": "dataLayer[0].isVIP"}' ''

Select example

curl ''

Update example

curl -X PUT --data '{"is_active": 0}' ''

Delete example

Delete “niceguy-561531” forever. There is really no way back.

curl -X DELETE ''