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Personyze allows you to log Interaction Events from your JavaScript.

These commands will work on pages where Personyze Tracker Code is installed. It's possible to call the commands before the Tracking Code, and they will be executed later by Personyze.

In the code below substitute PRODUCT_ID with value that appears in Products Catalog in the “Internal ID” column.

You can try these commands in a browser console. In this case, Personyze testing mode will be useful. Please, consult this page for description.


var products_viewed = ['CAR_HONDA_1', 'CAR_TOYOTA_10'];
for (var i=0; i<products_viewed.length; i++)
{	(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Viewed", products_viewed[i]]);

Available API commands

1. Viewed event.

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Viewed", PRODUCT_ID]);

2. Added to favorites (wishlist) event.

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Liked", PRODUCT_ID]);

3. Removed from favorites event.

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Unliked", PRODUCT_ID]);

4. Added to cart event.

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Added to cart", PRODUCT_ID]);

… with quantity (number of items)

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Added to cart", PRODUCT_ID, 'Quantity', QUANTITY]);

5. Buy event for particular products. Note, that transaction sum will be calculated according to prices that appear in products catalog.

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Purchased", PRODUCT_ID]);

… with quantity (number of items)

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Purchased", PRODUCT_ID, 'Quantity', QUANTITY]);

5a. “Buy all” event. Convert all the products that have been Added to cart to “Purchased”.

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Products Purchased"]);

6. Remove from cart particular products.

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Product Removed from cart", PRODUCT_ID]);

… remove all from cart. Convert all the products that have been Added to cart to “Viewed”:

(self.personyze=self.personyze||[]).push(["Products Removed from cart"]);