The Simulator allows you to define and track any page event by simply clicking on Web page elements. You can track events such as content inside text fields, buttons that were clicked, video clips that were played, and more.

Simple and intuitive

Until now, in order to track events in your Web pages you had to invest time and money and have a programmer to add and edit your websites' HTML code.

PERSONYZE Simulator allows you to identify HTML elements in your website by simply clicking on them. Personyze will immediately start tracking the interaction that each visitor has with these elements.


For example:

  • Click on a text input field in a page and have PERSONYZE track the typed text.
  • Click on a 'play video' button and have PERSONYZE track how many times it was watched.
  • Click on dynamic content, such as the name of the writer of a displayed article, and use this information in reports.
  • Click on an error message to have PERSONYZE record all error messages displayed to visitors.

PERSONYZE can track several events in the same page.


Information about all the events that are being tracked by PERSONYZE will be available immediately for reports. You can, immediately after defining events, run a report that shows your Web pages, and a summary of information including how many times a video clip was watched for each page, how many and which error messages were displayed, or the average cart value for visitors that arrived to your website by searching for a specific keyword.

You can also use events to define segments and linked personalization actions. For example, you can create a segment of visitors that had three error messages or more during registration; you can then create an action that will open a 'chat with support' window for these visitors.



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