Personyze Features

Personyze is a full suite of tools that helps you better understand your website's traffic and your visitors' needs, and personalize your website per visitor. Thus, it helps you provide a more relevant and enhanced user experience that leads to a significant improvement in conversion and revenue.

  • View Web analytics reports with unique information to easily identify what segments, articles, products or landing pages have a bad performance.
  • Personalize your website's content, look and feel in real-time based on each visitor's needs, interests, previous and current activity on your website, and data from their Facebook profiles.
  • Just click on a row in a report to define personalization actions for visitors that belong to that segment.
  • Test what personalized content variations work best for each segment to optimize performance.
  • Send personalized email messages to your visitors based on visitors' activity and events, such as leaving the cart before placing an order.
  • Manage your online advertising campaigns, such as AdWords and AdCenter. For example, add keywords that have a good conversion rate, and remove expensive keywords that have a high bounce rate.
  • Give you call-center's reps all the information about each customer as they call, improving customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Keep track of conversions from all channels, including orders placed offline, through your call-center or in your store, by customers that have previously visited your website to be able to assess the real efficiency of your online advertising efforts.
  • Leverage the viral marketing potential of your visitors by publishing messages on their Facebook walls or on their Tweeter accounts.

Web Analytics

  • Identify visitors that browse from multiple locations, browsers and computers.
  • Define segments and personalization per segment directly from within reports.
  • Receive information from the visitors' Facebook profiles.
  • Track the actual time that a page is in focus (and not hidden under other tabs or application windows) and compare it to the total time that the page is open.
  • Define events to track such as clicking a button, viewing a video or changing to a different tab, without programming, using a visual point-and-click interface.

Social Integration

  • Receive information from the visitors' Facebook profiles.
  • Leverage the viral marketing potential from your visitors by publishing messages on their Facebook walls.

Segmentation and Personalization

  • Identify and segment your visitors using dozens of variables, including demographics, browsing history, interaction with your website, profile data from Facebook, and much more.
  • Leverage the viral marketing potential from your visitors by publishing messages on their Facebook walls.
  • Show personalized and relevant content, such as articles or products, to each individual visitor based on their profile and interests.
  • Show banners and pop-ups per segment: display relevant ads, images, products and call-to-action messages to each visitor.
  • Replace text and images per segment: change a word, a title or a whole article.
  • Show dynamic data, such as the visitor's location, search keywords, referrer, or a unique visitor ID.

Banner Management

  • Display different banners for different segments, rotate banners, specify showing times, and much more without programming or coding.
  • Combine AdSense, DoubleClick and others with your own banners and choose which to show when, based on segment and the page being visited.
  • Show dynamic data, such as the visitor's location, search keywords, referrer, or a unique visitor ID.
  • Quickly create professional looking banners by choosing among dozens of predesigned templates sorted by categories – you only have to type your text.

Email Personalization

  • Send email messages based on segment, products viewed or specific events.

Testing and Optimization

  • Test (and implement) variations only on their intended audience, thus, maximizing the performance for each segment.

Campaign Management

  • Add or remove keywords to or from your AdWords campaigns, based on performance and cost.

Advanced Google Analytics and AdWords integration

  • Define complex segments and goals, including browsing behavior, page events and interaction, without programming or coding.
  • Define multiple Remarketing tags with absolute flexibility.

Web to Phone Tracking

  • Give your reps and agents the power to increase sales and customer satisfaction, by having access to each individual caller's information, such as location, age, products viewed, and more.

Offline Conversion Tracking

  • Maximize your advertizing budget and improve sales, by monitoring the performance of online campaigns that lead to offline sales.

CRM and ERP integration

  • Add valuable information to your contact and order forms, including the visitor's referring campaign and keywords, pages visited, location, age, interests and much more.
  • Export data and reports to your CRM software or to several popular formats, such as Excel and PDF.
  • Import data from your CRM to be used for segmentation and personalization.



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