Personyze Managed Service 

Why Personalization? Why Managed Service?

Are you interested in going that extra step to provide your visitors with a truly personal and engaging experience that is tailored to their needs?

Are you keen on increasing your conversion rate, average order values, newsletter sign-ups, page views or any other metric?

Are you too short on time to actually get started with personalization even though you know the effects on your bottom line would be dramatic?

The Personyze Managed Service is your solution! 


What we offer:

The Personyze Managed Service capitalizes on the accumulated website optimization knowledge gained by Personyze by optimizing clients' websites for over two years and seeing what works best and what has proven to increase conversion rates for our clients. 

We have compiled a list of services that are included in the Personyze Managed Service from which you can select the ones that are most relevant for your business. All you need to do is choose which service you would like our experts to provide. We will do the rest! See the list below!


Choose what to implement:

Please see below a list of services available as part of the Personyze Managed Service:

Display Banners/promotions per segment       Display customized banners and promotions for each one of your major
visitor segments. Be proactive with displaying the right message to the
right visitor at the right time. Avoid from showing the same call-to-actions
banners and promotions to all your visitors. 
Personalize landing pages Use the same landing page URL but show different content/CTA/promotion
based on information such as visitor's location, searched keyword, referring
site, device, social info, back office info, past visits info, etc. 
Personalize Newsletters Send more relevant and personalized emails by accurately segmenting your visitors into dynamic mailing lists based on their online activity in your site! It will transform your email marketing open and click rates while boosting email marketing ROI.
Personalize website per segment Each site has different segments of visitors they could target more effectively in case that was their only segment. With Personyze you can personalize your site pages very easily to deliver a better, more relevant version of it to each one of your main visitor segments. See examples
Generate more leads By monitoring your visitors activity and other metrics you can pro-actively generate personalized forms in your site that will be displayed in specific conditions to greatly increase leads flow!


Additional benefits of the Personyze Managed Service:
  • Commitment to generate additional revenue/leads above and over what you are getting today!
  • SaaS solution, where the Service and the Platform are provided at a fixed monthly cost!
  • No long term commitment, pay as you go model



The cost include:

  • Implementation of one of the services above during a given month by the Personyze team
  • The Personyze Enterprise plan (includes unlimited support, and 1M page-views) 

  • If a segmentation / personalization service that you have in mind is not listed above as part of the Personyze Managed Service services, we'll be happy to discuss it and do our best to implement it for you!
  • All the services included in the Personyze Managed Service are carried out by Personyze certified professionals and will be done in full coordination with your designated team member. 

Get started with the Personyze Managed Service today!

Contact us to learn more and register to the Personyze Managed Service. Our team will be happy to start optimizing your site ASAP!


NOTE: You can always switch back from a Managed Service account to a self-service one.



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