Personyze Internal ID mechanism

Identify your visitors when they browse from multiple locations


Personyze can identify the username or any other ID that a visitor uses to log-in to your website, and combine all their browsing history, events, segments matched and actions executed into one consolidated view.

How does it work?

Personyze assigns a unique User ID to each unique visitor in your website. When the visitor returns to your website, Personyze will identify them as a returning visitor. The User ID is cookie based, so when a visitor uses a different browser or a different computer, he will receive a different unique User ID in each computer.

What if one person visits your website from multiple places, such as from work and from home, or using multiple browsers?

Personyze allows you to choose a container in which your visitors can identify to your website (for example, a username or email address field in a log-in screen or a form). Personyze will then identify whenever this unique username or email address is entered before, and merge all browsing information, regardless of the location (including browsing history, events, segments matched and actions executed) into one.

Benefits and examples

A visitor visited your website from their computer at work and Personyze identified the visit as being the visitor's 2nd visit to the website. When this visitor logs in from another computer at home, Personyze will identify the visit as the visitor's 3rd visit to the website, and execute actions meant to happen in a visitor's 3rd visit.

A visitor matched a segment when browsing from their home. Personyze will know this even when they browse from work, or from their laptop, and therefore will keep all that person's information and history together, as well as execute any actions that apply.

A visitor arrives to your website from a specific campaign while at the office; after seeing a few pages he signs-up to see special offers, and then decides to place an order later, in the evening. At home and using another computer, he types your website's URL, logs-in, and places an order. By using Personyze's Internal ID feature, you are able to know exactly where that traffic originated, and understand the visitor's conversion process.

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