Personalization examples for e-commerce websites

Codeless personalization

Personyze lets you display personalized banner ads, popup messages, content and product recommendations based on demographics, keywords searched, referring campaign, products viewed, previous purchases and more, without any programming or coding.

Website category: E-commerce
Sub-category: Electronics and gadgets
Project objectives: Increase average order value and conversion among returning visitors.
Strategy: Personalize the website per visitor with relevant ads and products to increase user experience, customer satisfaction and engagement.


A returning customer is identified by Personyze, without him having to identify himself or do anything else.
By using Personyze, the website can display personalized versions of each page to each individual visitor in real-time.

Personalization description

  1. Displays "Welcome Brian" instead of "Welcome guest".
  2. Adds a top banner that offers product recommendations (iPod Touch) based on previous items viewed.
  3. Adds a top banner that offers hot deals based on previous purchases.
  4. Adds a banner in the right side with products that may be of interest for the visitor (iPhone 4), based on "other people who bought A, also bought B".
  5. Displays a more relevant "Quick Help" banner on the right side based on previous purchases.
  6. Display products that are relevant for Brian, based on his interests and previous purchases.

Page 2

  1. Displays "Welcome Brian" instead of "Welcome guest".
  2. Removes an irrelevant ad banner (nVidia) and an irrelevant "PC Repair" banner from the left side.
  3. Displays a more relevant banner on the left side, with information based on the visitor's location.
  4. Adds a "Quick Help" banner on the left side based on previous purchases.
  5. Replaces the generic banner that links to the forums with a more relevant "iPod forums", based on previous purchases.
  6. Adds a bottom ad banner that links to a page with iPod accessories.