Transactional Email by Personyze

Personyze approach to Transactional email:

Personyze offers a flexible and easy to integrate solution that enables you to send transactional and marketing messages via different formats (email/SMS/Facebook publish, site display etc.) based on real-time/historical data. 

How is it done:

Your customer data is centralized into one view. That view can be analyzed and sliced  into user groups with specific characteristics what we call “audiences”. Those audiences can be engaged in multiple channels such as emails, site banners, SMS, Social networks, etc. 
  1. Creating centralized view combining site and CRM data:

​A. Connect CRM data by using one of the fowling options:*

a) Site - by placing relevant data in the page where Personyze can have access to it (for example in a hidden field).
b) Remote Database Connection - connecting directly between Personyze and your local or hosted DB
c) API (recommended) -  using Personyze API 
d) Uploading file - with relevant records 
e) Site form - by using visitor’s submission of form in the site as your data source. 
    *all above methods can also work together.

B. Get user's behavioural data by placing the Personyze tracking code into your site.

  1. Create audience

a) set audience condition- by defining specific conditions the user needs to fit in order to belong to that audience group
b) set when users are joining the list - when an event took place, based on past activity, combination of current and past activities, at a specific date and time or based on trigger
c) set when users are removed from the list - define the conditions for users to leave an audience, such as after a defined time from joining, after X number of messages sent, in case the user no longer matches the audience conditions (for example if they made a purchase you might like to remove them from the “prospects” list and add them to the “customers” list)

  1. Define your audience message and distribution channel - create an email message, a banner to display in site, a post to be published on visitor’s wall, etc. You can also set the frequency of your message - time to send, distribution channel (email, SMS, Site, Facebook, etc.) use dynamic variables such as name, product type, currency and more
  1. Define testing (optional) - if needed, create more than one type of message per channel and rotate them per visitors to find and automatically optimize the best variation based on business goals.
  1. Monitor results - view performance reports that are collected across your mailing list, website and CRM data in a visual way. One of the great advantages of one view data is to look at email statistics and see not only the open or click rates, but how many pageviews those visitors had in the site? did they buy something? if so, what? do they have different characteristics than users belonging to other audiences or from your general site users? etc.



Statistics show that transactional emails get an unusually high open rates vs. traditional “bulk” emails. Use that to your advantage to deliver tailored promotions and updates that your visitors can’t miss out on. Here are a few examples of how using Personyze Transactional email/messages can be used:
  • For a travel site, for a family with parents in their 30’s and two small children that booked flight to northern Italy, you can combine in your booking confirmation email a promotion for discounted hotels and car rental and additional attractions in Northern Italy! You can also decide to show such promotions to those customers once they visit your site (automatic site personalization based on transactional activity).
  • For a travel site, for customers that booked a summer vacation to Australia during the past two years you can proactively send an email with special deals for summer vacations in Australia.
  • For a Pizza Restaurant, identifying VIP customers (customers that have made more than 5 purchases in the past year) and actively sending them relevant VIP exclusive promotions by Email, SMS, and once they visit your site!
  • For a price sensitive visitor (such as a visitor arriving from a price comparison site) you can send a message once the price of a certain product he showed interest in was lowered dramatically

Get started with Personyze's Transactional email today! 
We invite you to join the leading companies that already make use of Personyze leading transactional email service. Each company is entitled to a free 1 hour consulting from our transactional email experts. The service is available in either a “self service” or “fully managed” configuration. Contact us to learn more or ask for a free demo today! 



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