Deliver relevant message to the right audience at the right time!

Personyze behavioral targeting and personalization offers a powerful solution that allows you to quickly and easily personalize your website and provide highly targeted message/promotion/content to maximize user experience and conversion rate. Personalization is based on visitors' demographics,whether, characteristics, social profile, behavior in the website as well as, if needed, your CRM data which can be easily integrated into Personyze.

Personyze enables real time adaptation of the website’s message/promotion/content so different audience can have a completely different experience while visiting the same website. With zero-integration, personalized message/promotion/content can be automatically applied to the entire site without any resources from your IT or Design team. See examples

The Personalization process using Personyze

The Personalization process is a simple, fast and intuitive process anyone can perform. All you need to know is who's your target audience and what you would like them to see. That is it. You do not need any technical or design knowledge. 

Choose Audience based on visitor's: 

Location (Geo. targeting)
Referrer (including targeting exact keywords)
System info (PC, Mac, iPad, Mobile. etc.)
Social info (such as Facebook info)
CRM/3rd party data (requires integrtion)
- etc.

Deliver Personalized content:

Create and deliver Personalized content from Personyze.  
Use our out-of-the-box "Personalization Actions" (such as 
WYSIWYG live editor ,Pop-up ,Search and replace)
to deliver personalized content 
within minutes
and without any technical knowledge. 

Deliver personalized banners, ads, promotions or any 
other type of personalized and targeted content
 that will best serve your visitor. 

  Optimize and test:

  Check the statistics of your segments and personalization actions
  and make adjustments if needed.
  Run advanced A/B and MVT tests per segment!

  • How does
    it work?
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Usage

Whenever a visitor enters your website, Personyze examines to which segment they belong and displays a tailored version of the website to each visitor, providing a highly relevant and engaging user experience that significantly increases user satisfaction and conversion rates.

Implementing Personyze in your website takes less than a minute

  • All you need to do is copy a short snippet of code and paste it into the head of your website's master page. That's it! Immediately after the code is added to your site, you will be able to see real-time, live traffic reports and start personalizing your website per visitor.

How does it actually happen?

  • Segmentation:
    Visitor segments are defined as a set of conditions based on demographical data, browsing behavior (in your website), page events (such as clicking on tabs or playing a video), social profile (such as "married men under 40 from NY") and more.
  • Personalization:
    Whenever a visitor matches a segment, Personyze executes personalization actions associated with it. Personalization actions let you easily change any part of the website's content, look and feel (like adding a banner, changing an image, replacing text content, adding recommended products and more).
  • Testing and optimization:
    If needed, you can also create several variations (for example, two different top banners or four different call-to-action messages); Personyze will test the actions' effect on your website's goals and continue using only the best performing ones.
  • Analytics and monitoring:
    Personyze Pro-Active Analytics is constantly analyzing and monitoring the results of personalization activities displaying you detailed reports on the affect of your personalization activities and allowing you to initiate new personalization activities by looking on canned reports and generating segments directly from reports.

No coding or programming

It is especially important to note that all activities in Personyze, including creating advanced visitor segments and personalization actions is done without the need to write a single line of code, by using Personyze unique visual interfaces.

Create visitor segments in just a minute or two!

Personyze offers over 60 different attributes by which you can segment your visitors in real-time and immediately apply personalization to your site.

segment metrics

You can define relations between rules, such as ['at least 3 visits' AND 'subscribed to newsletter'] or ['at least 3 visits' AND NOT 'subscribed to newsletter'], and you can even specify the sequence in which events must happen.

For example, you could define a segment of visitors that have visited a page with information about delivery costs after adding products to the cart (so you know they are probably considering placing an order), and whose location belong to the same city or area in which your store is located. 

Target each visitor with an optimal, personalized experience

When Personyze finds that a visitor matches a segment it executes the personalization actions that are linked to that segment. You can link several actions to each segment and have Personyze automatically choose the best performing ones.

Personalization actions are easily configured with no programmers or coding required, and allow you to change the content, look and feel, and functionality of your website.

Some of the personalization actions that can be performed

  • WYSIWYG - the "What You See is What You Get" personalization action is one of the most popular personalization actions in Personyze. It enables for fast and easy visual editing of your page/site without the need for any technical knowledge. 
  • Insert text and images into a page.
  • Display a pop-up window or a banner.
  • Write something into the visitor's Facebook wall.
  • Apply a custom JavaScript code or redirect to another URL.
  • Change the style of the page or part of it.
  • Replace text in a page.

  • E-commerce websites can use personalization to optimize landing pages based on the visitors' location and search keywords, to show targeted ads and relevant product recommendations based on previous purchases.
  • Content websites, such as portals or news sites, can use personalization to promote relevant ads and content based on each segment's interests, gender, or favorite writer, rather than ads for products that they are not going to buy or articles that they are not going to read. For example, to the segment of men that show interest in sport and finance, you will show ads for cars, gadgets, and financial products, and articles about sports and finance, rather than ads for makeup and articles about "how to find your ideal man".

Define a segment and associated personalization actions directly from within reports

  1. In case, for example, we look at a report and notice a bounce rate of 60% for visitors from the USA that searched for the keywords "web analytics" and whose landing page was "".
  2. By clicking on that row in the report, we can directly create several personalization actions for visitors that match that exact segment (visitors in the USA that searched for "web analytics"), such as changing the default text content of the page, placing more relevant images or redirect to another page.
  3. You can create several variations (for example, three different titles and three different top banners). Personyze will test how different variations perform and will continue using only the ones who obtain the best results (in this example, the ones that reduce the bounce rate in the most affective way).
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