Personyze Optimizer

Ultimate testing and true maximization


Personyze Optimizer performs A/B and multivariate tests in your website and finds the combination of variations that lead to the best performance.

By being integrated with Personyze Profiler and its segmentation and personalization features, the Optimizer runs the tests only on the variations' intended audience, eliminating any loss of conversions in other segments, and achieving conclusive results much faster.

Why Personyze?

Conducting the test separately by segments and using the best performing variation for each segment:

  • Eliminates "background noise", reducing statistical errors and achieving conclusive results much faster.
  • Does not harm the conversion rate from other segments during the test.
  • Achieves the real maximum possible conversion rate and goals.
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Successfully optimizing your website's performance is easy:

  1. Identify what segments are not realizing their maximum potential.
  2. Create variations that can increase conversions.
  3. Define the test's objective.
  4. Implement changes based on the test's results.

Defining optimization tests in Personyze

Personyze gives you absolute flexibility so you can test and achieve exactly what you want.

  • Test's goal – Choose what your objective is. It could mean a purchase, downloading a map, filling in a form, or anything that you may think of.
  • Test duration – Set the ending time, minimum visitors that must see the variations, minimum of goals, conditions to end or continue, and more.
  • Winning criterion – Define what values will be compared to define the winner, such as conversion rate, number of goals or total value of goals.
  • Variations – Choose the variations that you want to test, specify rotation ratios, group several variables together, etc.

Identifying segments

Personyze lets you define segments by any known information about visitors, such as location, search keywords, campaign clicked, landing page and more. Thus, you can easily identify the precise segments that have a lower conversion rate, for which you will define variations on which you will run one or more tests.

Variations and personalization

Personyze has powerful built-in personalization features, so that instead of needing Web designers and developers to create variations you can create your variations yourself, without any programming or coding, by defining personalization actions.

Some of the variations that you can define

  • displaying banners or pop-ups
  • inserting text and images into a Web page
  • changing the content of a Web page without changing the URL
  • changing the design of a Web page or part of it
  • applying custom JavaScript code
  • redirect to different URLs by segmentsdisplaying banners or pop-ups

  • A website gets 400 conversions from segment A and 200 from segment B. Total: 600.
  • Without Personyze: After testing several variations, the best achieves 500 conversions from segment B, but decreasing to 300 from segment A. Total: 800, better.
  • With Personyze and personalization per segment, the website maximizes each and every segment, achieving in this case 500 conversions from segment B and 400 from segment B. Total 900, best.



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