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Rather than just tracking page views, Personyze approach on data collection is content and event oriented and places an emphasis on visitors' interaction with your website. Personyze is the only web analytic tool on the market that offers website analytics focused on events that is absolutely codeless and does not require programmers or developers.

Personyze will gather information about products viewed, articles read, areas on an article that the mouse moves on, videos watched, buttons clicked, dynamic content such as cart value and errors in the cart, and content that is served dynamically that cannot be inferred from a page's URL.

All the information collected by Personyze (including demographics, browsing behavior and events) is fully saved as raw data (as opposed to aggregate data) which means that it will always be available for custom reports or being exported to PDF or Excel files.

Personyze keeps the raw data, rather than just aggregative values. This means that you can drill down reports whenever you want and still have all the information available, even if you are analyzing traffic from several months ago.

Improve your website's performance with actionable analytics

At any point in the drill-down path, you can define new segments and set-up personalization actions, by just clicking on the icon found at the left of the corresponding row.

For example, you identify a high bounce rate for visitors from a specific country that searched for specific keywords and arrived to one specific landing page. It could be that the landing page (to which the search results links) is in the wrong language or that its content is irrelevant for the searched keywords. You can reduce the segment's bounce rate and increase conversion rates by testing different content.

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Advanced drill-down and BI

Drilling down data lets you find exactly what is affecting your numbers (for good or bad), and understand what in your website works and what doesn't. You can then take action in order to improve performance.

For example, in a report by keywords you see that a specific keyword has a high bounce rate; you drill down to landing pages and find a combination that has a very high bounce rate. You can try to improve (lower) the bounce rate by redirecting to a more relevant page or test different content for the page. You can also drill down by visitor segments to see information regarding behavior, goal achievement and more.

You can set Personyze to alert you to your email whenever a the value of any metric meets a conditions. This will allow you to focus only on the important information (good news or something that requires attention) without having to examine large amounts of data.

For example, if the CTR for a banner dropped below 5%, if yesterday's bounce rate for a specific keyword was higher than it was last week, or if the conversion rate for a specific landing page from a specific country is 20% lower that the website's average.


  • Custom Metrics
  • Reports Examples
  • Unique Tracking
  • Funnel Analysis

Industry specific reports and custom reports

Personyze has a wide range of pre-made reports and chart types built-in, and much more. Custom reports that adapt to your website's industry and specific needs will give you the ability to receive actionable insights about the performance of your website as well as every single page, product, or article.

Track, measure, optimize and improve the KPIs that are truly meaningful for your website.

Unique metrics

Personyze analytics adapts to the current trends in browsing patterns and behavior, and offers unique metrics that help you better understand your website's traffic and visitors.


Unique metrics
  • Time in focus– the amount of time that the visitor actually had the page active.
  • Searched keyword ranking– the position of the clicked link in Google search results.
  • Custom referrer types– view reports by referrer types, such as niche search engines, affiliate websites or social networks, and not just "organic" or "commercial".
  • Benchmarks– view how high or low are KPI values, such as bounce rate or conversion, compared to the website's average.
  • Custom KPIs– Use functions and calculators to define custom KPIs.
  • E-commerce websites can view reports by product name, product families or brands.
  • News websites can view reports not just by URLs, but also by articles read, by writer, by time spent per article, and by how many "Likes" it received.
  • Engagement reports with information about visitors' interaction on pages, including scrolling, clicking on buttons, viewing videos, typing in fields and hovering over defined areas.
  • Reports by most popular articles with the actual time that the page was in focus can help you find articles that despite attracting a lot of visitors, lose them for not being what visitors expected.
  • Reports by affiliate websites, only showing information about visitors that have returned to the website after their first visit, can help you understand which affiliates refer loyal or engaging visitors.

Track offline conversions

Personyze let you track your visitors when they place an order through the phone or in your local store. By taking offline conversions into consideration, Personyze gives you insights about the overall performance of your online campaigns and marketing efforts. READ MORE

Identify visitors that browse from different locations

Personyze can identify the username or any other ID that a visitor uses to log-in to your website, and combine all their browsing history, events, segments matched and actions executed. READ MORE

Easily define events to track

Track custom events, such as the cart value, a video being played or a specific product being chosen, without programming or coding, by using a visual interface to select and identify page elements. READ MORE

View data from your visitors Facebook profile

Personyze lets you easily implement a Facebook Login button in your website to allow your visitors to connect with your website using their Facebook account. You will be then able to receive all or part of their information from their Facebook profile. READ MORE

Track your visitors' conversion process

Personyze has tools that allow you to define funnels with ease and flexibility, including visited pages, conditions, page variations, as well as events, clicks, and more. View reports and segment visitors based on the order that pages were visited and that events happened. For example, you can define a segment of visitors that have arrived through a specific keyword, clicked on a banner, watched a video after clicking on the banner, and reached the cart.

Funnel analysis can help you understand where in the browsing and behavioral process a website is being inefficient, what pages have the wrong content, what banners can be optimized, and more.



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