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Personyze provides a comprehensive solution for websites and Web professionals looking to enhance their website performance.

Things that make Personyze different

  • 60+ metrics out of the box, including data from visitors' Facebook accounts
  • Tracking of custom page events without programming or changing the website's code
  • Advanced custom reports capabilities
  • Quickly define complex segments
  • Apply personalization actions per segment without any programming or coding
  • Test personalization actions and variations to maximize performance for every segment
  • AdWords integration allows optimizing PPC campaigns
  • Offline tracking lets you measure effectiveness of campaigns resulting in offline sales

Partnering with Personyze

We are open to new partnerships with organizations that provide professional services for websites:

  • Web analytics experts
  • SEO, SEM, SMO consultants
  • Web design and development and CMS providers
  • Any other organization that can offer grater value to its customers by using Personyze
We offer two main typs of partnerships:
  • Become a Service Partner
  • Become a Technology Partner

Become a Service Partner

If your company provides website design and development, A/B and MVT testing or conversion optimization consultancy, you should consider becoming a Personyze Certified Partner.

Benefits of becoming a Personyze certified partner include:

-  High commissions on all deals
-  Receive leads from clients and prospects that need assistance with their implementation needs
-  Invitation to partners only webinars
-  Full training
-  A free Premium account on Personyze for your own website
-  Have your name and business details listed on the Personyze certified experts directory
-  Use of "Personyze Certified Partner" badge on your site
-  Joint marketing activities with Personyze

To become a Personyze certified partner, please contact us or give us a call at 1-888-831-8911.

Leverage our technology to offer a better product or service to your customers

Any software or service that serves content or information can benefit from integrating Personyze capabilities.

By segmenting websites' visitors and personalizing the websites' pages, content, look and feel, websites and web based products and systems can offer a much more engaging experience, significantly increasing user satisfaction, conversion and revenue.

Mass emailing services, CMS platforms, advertising networks and platforms, ecommerce applications, and virtually any application or service that addresses different targets with different interests and needs, can gain a huge benefit from Personyze.

Personyze platform provides an API that allows full integration of all the features of Personyze into any other software (whether On-Premises or SaaS).

Integrating Personyze into your platform

Your users will be able to trigger different actions for different user segments, based on demographics, browsing history and behavior, to serve personalized, optimal content that is highly relevant to each visitor.

Integrate your software into Personyze

Personyze users will be able to communicate with and trigger your application or widget for different user segments, based on conditions and events.

API access

Personyze offers API access so that third party applications such as CMS, CRM or ERP can directly define segmentation and personalization from their own UI. For more information, documentation, overview of methods and  the libraries please visit the API pages.

Take the next step

Do you need more information? Do you want to discuss the terms of partnership with us? Please contact us.



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